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We have partnered with many outstanding organizations. See a full list of our partners below and make sure to call us with questions or concerns.

Executive Health Coaching Programs

Are you stuck on a weight loss plateau? Are you confused by what to eat for optimal health and fat loss? Are you sick of feeling sick and tired all the time? If so, my Lifestyle Nutritional Transformation Program will give you practical strategies to change your relationship with food and empower you with easy to implement habit-changing tools to recover your best, most vibrant self. My coaching program will help you recover your optimal health, achieve optimal body composition and best of all, give you the freedom to focus on and improve what is most important in your life - and that is priceless.

Central Park Wellness

Remedy Massage

Remedy Massage

Strassburger Steaks

Total Accupuncture

Innovative Accupuncture

WE OFFER A UNIQUE COLLECTION OF NON-SURGICAL PROCEDURES TO REMOVE PAIN. These include the combination of acupuncture, spinal manipulation, and spinal decompression plus trigger point Therapy. All available in one location, at a price that is more affordable than you might think. Dr. Haigney is able to blend the best strategies at the right time for optimal results.



Flowers by Special Arrangement

Cielo Consulting

Cielo Consulting

Liondale Medical

Family Chiropractor of Montclair

V Gold

Montclair Backrub

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