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Meet the Team

Fredrick Hahn

Fredrick Hahn is a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise since 1990 and has been instructing 9 to 90 year olds for over 20 years. He instructs some of the world’s most prominent business men and women and celebrities in the world.

Since 1998, he’s owned and operated SlowBurn Personal Training Studios located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and in Montclair N.J. He is the co-author, along with Drs. Michael and MaryDan Eades of the best-selling fitness book The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution (Random House 2003) and is the author of Strong Kids, Healthy Kids (AMACOM 2008)

Fred has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including NBC’s The Today Show, CNN’s The Biz, The 700 Club, WABC Morning Show, NBC Live at Five, Fox Five News, ABC Eyewitness News and much more.

Tommy Day

As a lifelong athlete (NCAA football, track and field, gymnastics) and as a trainer since 1991 (SFPA certified), I have had the opportunity to experience many different training techniques. For best results, my standard workout usually hovered around two to three hours (weights, cardio, stretch, shower), four times a week. If I did any less I felt I would be short-changing myself. Boy, was I wrong. I get the same results doing SlowBurn™ as I did before, and I don't have to organize my life around my workout! I love what SlowBurn™ does for my body and I love seeing what it does for our clients.

Madelene Fonesca

Madelene is certified personal trainer and professional fitness/body building competitor having won many competitions over the past 10 years. Growing up as a competitive modern dancer, she has always been focused on health and fitness. After spending years teaching clients how to stay healthy she came upon the SlowBurn method and loves how it produces faster results in a shorter amount of time. She is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Maddy loves bringing her wisdom and experience to clients and enjoys working with all clients of all ages.

Rosanne Guararra

Rosanne found her way to SlowBurn Montclair in 2014 while getting bagels next door and never left. An avid yoga enthusiast, Rosanne is a trained yoga instructor (200 RYT) and has taught at South Mountain Yoga and Yoga Mechanics and has been a guest instructor at Lululemon at Garden State Plaza.

Rosanne is a passionate and dedicated instructor in the SlowBurn method and her objective is getting her clients strong her while keeping them safe. Rosanne enjoys working with all her clients, but especially enjoys working with her grade, middle and high school kids and helping them reach their goals as she has worked in children’s publishing for many years before making the switch to the health and fitness industry.

Originally a native New Yorker, Rosanne lives in Montclair, in a book and art-packed apartment with her high school-aged daughter and three cats who love to watch TV.

Wendy Renshaw

Wendy Renshaw

I was originally a client of Slowburn. I loved the results so much I joined the team! As a health coach and personal trainer, the specialized, strength training workouts, done 30 minutes a week have been easy to incorporate into my busy life. I feel better now at 52 than when I was 42. And I love seeing our clients becoming stronger, leaner and enjoying life more as a result of the SlowBurn method.

Wendy Renshaw

Clint Bigham

Clint Bigham is a certified personal trainer through the Titleist Performance Institute, holds a Pilates and dance conditioning certification through University Nevada Las Vegas, Yoga Method Alliance certification, BodyCode certifications, and continues his education at Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

Client Concierges

Victoria Romano

Amber Hahn

Client Concierge

Adjunct Support Services


Leigh Hansen, Massage Therapist

Founder of Remedy Massage, Leigh has been helping her clients reduce stress and release muscular tension for the last 15 years. She received a BA in Dance from NYU in 1991 and performed and taught for several years. In 1997, she became a certified Gyrotonics instructor and began training clients while pursuing graduate studies in both dance and pre-med. Leigh received her Massage Therapy degree from the Swedish Institute in 2002 and opened her private practice that same year. An avid fan of the SlowBurn system, Leigh is grateful to the trainers at SlowBurn for helping her stay strong!


Valerie Goldstein, R.D.

Valerie Goldstein is a registered dietician (R.D.) who has vast experience in the field of nutrition. She is an expert in the low-carb, paleo approach to health and wellness. She creates comprehensive dietary menus to help you lose fat, gain lean muscle and bone and improve your overall health.


Tina Hong, Certified Health Coach

Are you stuck on a weight loss plateau? Are you confused by what to eat for optimal health and fat loss? Are you sick of feeling sick and tired all the time? If so, my Lifestyle Nutritional Transformation Program will give you practical strategies to change your relationship with food and empower you with easy to implement habit-changing tools to recover your best, most vibrant self. My coaching program will help you recover your optimal health, achieve optimal body composition and best of all, give you the freedom to focus on and improve what is most important in your life - and that is priceless.

"...phenomenal approach you have to help people achieve optimal mental, physical, as well as spiritual well-being. Your also one of the most caring, dedicated, kind, and sincerest people I have ever met."

"Tina has been a great health coach for me. I started the year severely overweight and she gave me the knowledge and encouragement to embrace a Paleo/Modified Ketogenic lifestyle and gave me the tools to make that transition workable and even enjoyable. I have a greater understanding of how weight could be reduced. I am now 40lbs down. I've reduced my cholesterol meds. I have more energy. And I make the right food choices 90% of the time. I would recommend Tina to anyone I meet."

Contact Information

NYC Location
169 West 78th Street
New York, NY 10024

[email protected]

Montclair, NJ Location
25 Watchung Plaza
Montclair, NJ 07042

[email protected]

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