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The SlowBurn Personal Training Programs

Our Thirty Minute Training Sessions

The benefits of having a personal trainer are hard to describe – especially the trainers you'll find at SlowBurn.

Since we are a completely private studio, allowing ONLY 4 clients maximum, each with their personal instructor at one time, the focus and benefits you'll experience are unparalleled.

How it works: You come in 5 minutes before your scheduled session. You change into your training clothes or wear your street clothes. Your instructor will be waiting for you with your personalized program and chart. The session begins.

Using our SlowBurn strengthening method, we take each of your muscle groups to slow and controlled muscle fatigue. Twenty five minutes later, your whole body feels exhilarated and has been stimulated into becoming a little bit stronger.

No need to shower afterwards since we keep you so cool you never sweat. No need to stretch, since the SlowBurn method enhances flexibility. You're in, you're out, you're fit.

2 or perhaps 3 days later, you return and do it all over again. But this time your instructor will place you on different equipment still using the same slow, safe and powerful full body, SlowBurn training method.

All of our certified instructors are experienced in and adhere to the same training (and nutritional) protocol. The seamlessness of our system allows you to train with a different instructor if your schedule suddenly changes. Try to find that kind of cohesiveness at the Equinox or other commercial, cookie cutter gym. Not likely.

Two things are required to transform your body – building lean tissue (muscle and bone) via strength training and eating in a manner that allows fat to be freely released from your fat cells most efficiently.

For fat loss, what you eat is by far the most important factor. Exercise helps, but it takes a back seat to the way in which you eat.

At SlowBurn, we recommend a low sugar, (not low calorie) real food eating plan. You can expect to shed ~1-2 pounds of body fat (not necessarily weight) per week. We tailor your specific dietary likes of the foods that will improve your health to create a plan you will stick to. But you have to be willing to make the dietary changes we suggest and commit to 1-2 weekly SlowBurn training sessions to enjoy the benefits.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to reform your body and transform your life?

Our Strong Kids, Healthy Kids Sessions

Strength training for children was once thought to be dangerous and unproductive. Scientific research performed over the past decade indicates otherwise. In fact, the benefits for the child (8+ years) include:

  • Increased muscular strength
  • Enhanced bone density
  • Greater resistance to injury
  • Superior athletic performance
  • Decreased body fat
  • More self confidence and self esteem
  • Improved muscular and cardiovascular endurance

And a bunch more!

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